The Puppeteers

Jenna Charlton

The academic. My main role at 4M is to show the world that the impact of puppetry runs much deeper than the obvious fun, wonder and amazement we all experience from them. By nature and by occupation I am an applied social scientist, specialising in developmental psychology and education. Therefore I want to know the how? why? and what? How and why does puppetry as an intervention for children work? What impacts does it have on them? In my role I can provide evidential proof that our 4M workshops are developmentally beneficial to children! Outside of 4M I can be found evaluating alternative educational, behavioural and language and communication programmes for children across the UK. I have therefore seen first hand the benefits of alternative contexts for education, which is why I am proud to be part of the 4M family.

William Steele

Hello. My background in improvisation, mask, puppetry and script writing have ultimately led me down the path to an interest in education. Particularly the teachings of Geoff Petty and Sir Ken Robinson. 4M is a small company and we all cross pollinate in what we do, so it's hard to define my role here. Suffice it so say that I am involved in all aspects of the work we do but it;s usually me that sends out the invoices! Trained at Northumbria university, I earned a BA Honours Degree in Scriptwriting and Drama before receiving further training at the Danish Institute of Improvisation.

 Andrew Neale

When not wearing sparkly lycra and white make up (a professional hazard.) I'm often found sighing at unco-operative computers, arguing with compact adhesive and doing endless Arny impressions from the safety of the 4M office.  My role at 4M comprises of designing and building our ever growing family of beasts, creatures and droids, managing the social media element so that you all know where we are going next, delivering workshops and going out to buy the sandwiches when it's raining.  As a performer, lover of the human voice and what can be achieved with it, working with puppets has become a passion of mine. My years on the Performance course at Northumbria University led me to pursue a greater interest in character building and the art of voice acting.